Department of Physics, University of Calicut in collaboration with Inter-University Accelerator Centre New Delhi and KSCSTE Govt. of Kerala, is organizing One Day Workshop on ExpEyes at the Aryabhatta Hall in the Central Science Complex, University of Calicut on 15th July 2017. ExpEyes is a hardware & software framework for developing and demonstrating Science & Engineering experiments in class rooms without getting in to the details of electronics or computer programming. It converts a PC into a science laboratory for performing Physics and Engineering experiments. ExpEyes is developed in IUAC, New Delhi as part of their outreach program, with an objective of developing affordable laboratory equipment. The ExpEyes’ hardware design and software are distributed freely under GNU and CERN OHL.
Design of ExpEyes combines the real-time measurement capability of micro-controllers with the ease and flexibility of Python programming language for data analysis and visualisation. Students, teachers and hobbyists can use ExpEyes as a test equipment for all types of experiments in Physics, Electronics and other branches of Science & Engineering.
The workshop covers topics on how the experiments using ExpEyes can empower students and teachers of science and engineering branches. Dr. Ajith Kumar B.P, Senior Scientist, IUAC, New Delhi and the founder developer of the ExpEyes project will lead the classes & hands-on sessions. Motivated school teachers, faculty members of Science & Engineering colleges and students can register for the program. Registered participants would be provided with experimental kit during the program.

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